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family picture
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Thoughts from our 24 hours of traveling

    Please do not let it be lost that I had to borrow my 6 yr olds backpack

  • Leaving the kids was hard.  Really hard, like I cried so hard that our friend taking us to the airport asked me if I was ok hard.
  • My mom was awesome enough to text me after about 10 minutes to tell me that they were all fine.  They were but I wasn't.  If the Bible tells me that children are  "arrows in my quiver" (Psalm 127 :5) then I must be Katniss and I have just been placed in the arena with out my weapons.  
  • E tried to make it better by buying me the largest starbucks coffee in the Birmingham airport and that helped.
  • Flying with E is fun.  Since I would call him a professional traveler it allows me to just zone out and follow him.  Plus there are fun perks like executive club rooms and getting to go to the head of the line because he is part of some sort of frequent flyer club.
  • E has an addiction to these bars called "KIND Plus".  I first noticed it in January when we went on a little trip together and he picked up 2 in Birmingham and then 3 more in Atlanta.  Today in the Birmingham airport he picked up 5.
  • I also saw a man who had the most disturbing ear hair that I have ever seen.  It looked like Templeton himself had set up residency in this mans ear canal.  You could braid them.  E could only respond with, "Wow, that's impressive."
  • So thankful I brought socks to wear on the plane.
  • So thankful there was a medical team on the flight to take care of the young woman having chest pains, shortness of breath.  It made for an interesting hour as they worked on her in front of my seat.  I was able to watch IV's, heart monitoring, oxygen saturations and general coolness.
  • So thankful that our Grand Adventure didn't involve a medical emergency landing in Russia.
  • I watched 4 movies, 2 episodes of the Big Bang Theory, 2 episodes of the office, colored in my coloring book (don't make fun me), ate, and walked around and sleep zero. 
  • The last 3 hours 45 minutes took FOREVER! 
  • We are tired and waiting to talk to the kids over skype.  After that we are going to try and finally get some sleep.
So as you can tell our Grand Adventure has been an adventure.  Tomorrow we will leave Hong Kong and fly to Changsha.  This is the capital of the Hunan Province and where all of the adoption paperwork is done for that Province.  This city is also 3000 years old.  Tons of history and fairly intimidating compared our short little history in our beloved United States.  I hope to be able to update tomorrow night and maybe post some pictures.
This is was the view from our hotel in Hong Kong

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  1. Your journey is already bringing back so many memories. I can't wait to follow your blog in the coming weeks. I am glad you are there safely and can't wait to hear the wonderful news that Joel is in your arms! I know how hard it is to be away from your kids at home and to be in a foreign country. You will get through it and it will get easier with time..not better but easier. So excited for you, Ethan and Joel as you spend this time together.