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family picture
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 2: Hong Kong and more travel

After I posted last night we went straight to bed. We had not been to sleep in over 24 hours and we were exhausted. We sleep fairly well and were both up by 6. The breakfast at the hotel was AMAZING. I started off Western style but after watching the Chinese side I got the guts and had a noodle bowl made. It was fantastic and E and I both ate too much.

view from our hotel in Hong Kong

We then freshened up and headed to do some sight seeing. We only had a couple of hours so we had to be careful what we chose. We decided on the Dragon Boat Race's on Stanley Beach. Hong Kong is very westernized. Everything is written in English and Chinese so, this makes it super easy to get around confidently. We took a tram over to a bus station and then took a bus to Stanley Beach. We didn't have much time to look around but it was fun to check out a market and see the beach. We headed back to the hotel freshened up, ate lunch and then headed to the airport.

On the subway system

Since up until 15 years ago Hong Kong was under British control they drive on the other side of the street and everything is in English.

An open air market on Stanley Beach.  Do you see McDonalds?

Dragon Boat Festival

Our flight to Changsha was about 1 hour and 34 minutes. After we went through immigration and customs we meet our guide Ashley, who will be with us while we are in Changsha. He drove us to our hotel which is about 30 minutes from the airport. He helped us get checked in and to our room. This hotel is older than the one in Hong Kong though it is bigger. We also went over our itinerary for the week. We are scheduled to get Joel Monday morning at 9:00. Tomorrow we will do a little shopping trip and then we will have most of the day free. I don't know how confident we are in getting out by ourselves. We might be watching a lot of movies tomorrow.
We are exhausted both of us are feeling a little bit like a Mack Truck hit us. Welcome Jet lag! You know its bad when taking a nap on the restaurant floor looks like a good idea.

Another note if you guys could keep Rin in your prayers. She has been having episodes not a lot but to me one is too much. Leila asks us to come home every time we Skype and of course that makes me very weepy. Other than that the kids are having a good time and I think Hannah is more than surviving.  
Our Hotel Room

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