family picture

family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tonight I am going to bed with the house a mess.  I currently have left over take out boxes laying on the kitchen table with the cups from dinner.  I need to put up the stack of stuff that came out of the car from church but I'm not. I also took a 3 hour nap this afternoon with my little 2 year old.
 I did.

I admit it.

And I liked it. 

Why all of the sudden laziness and relaxation? 


As of Friday afternnoon I taught my last full day of  Blankenship Academy.  This week we will take several fieldtrips but I am pretty much on the summertime frame of mind.  Ahhhh, I like it. 

Don't worry this is very short lived but it is nice to stop for a day or two and just take in the summertime.  I will pick up tomorrow and I will have a plan of action on the week.  But today, I am taking it slow and chillin out.
So excuse me while I slip on the head phones and go old school with Will Smith!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I have been emotional this week.  REALLY emotional.  You know the one were you know your husband is thinking "Just when I thought I found the bottom of her crazy I find an underground garage". That is the type of week I have had. 
I have tried to pin point it and I believe it is a combinitation of things.  One I am so ready for summer that I am about to explode but mostly it is my youngest sweet baby boy's Momma.  Not this one but the one who God chose to carry him as God knitted is sweet little body.  The one who lives in a country were abortion is common and could have aborted but didn't.  The one who for reasons I do not know felt like this was the only option.  I am grieving for her. 
I wish I could tell her that I love him.  I wish I could tell her that I am so thankful for her gift.  I wish I could hold her and pray with her.  I wish I could let her know that there is a Heavenly Father who loves her and created her and that she can trust Him. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Showers

Apirl 5th, the stress of the any minute call was about to kill me.  Everytime the phone rang I prayed that I would see that 503 area code on my caller ID.  It was Thursday and I knew my case worker was in the office working.  I also knew that this was my last chance at finding out if my LOC had come.  Tomorrow was Good Friday, AGCI would be closed and no work would be done that day.  I knew that if it had not come that night (China's Thursday) then I would have to wait until next Tuesday before I heard anything else from China. 
I decided to jump the gun and sent a quick text to my case worker wishing her a sweet weekend while she celebrated Our Risen Savior.  I also made a remark that I knew this was the last day I could find anything out.
Fifteen minutes later the phone rings and it is that beautiful area code that I have been looking for.  Then I think, "Oh Snap, what if she is just calling to tell me Happy Easter!".  Not that that is bad but my heart was racing and I was waiting with bated breath for the information I needed to press on in the adoption marathon.  I answered the phone and said "T, I hope you are calling for more than a Happy Easter!" She laughs (she is used to me answering my phone in such a manner).  Then with mischief in her voice she answers, "Well I do just happen to have an important piece of paper here." I'm not sure what exactly was said after that I just kept squealing and thanking God.  Thanking for His favor, thanking Him for taking care of this little boy and bringing us to him.  Just SO thankful. 
We then had to talk about all of the work that needed to be done which I only heard about half of it.  Thankfully she always follows up with a very informative email spelling out everything that I should be hearing but can't due to the squealing in my head.
We took the whole next week filing paperwork.  We of course are still trying to expedite, we are still in the air for travel.  Our best quess is 8-12 weeks from LOC.  So we wait and see.  As of this date it would be 4-8 weeks till travel. 
We received this picture 2 weeks after LOC plus a little update.  Our pumpkin is growing and has 2 new teeth.  He looks so good.  It looks like I might have 2 paci babies.  I must make a note to self to stock up on his type of paci while I am in China.  I also must comment on his hair. OH MY!  (Charity if you are reading this get your scissors ready he will have to have a trim when we get him home.  Heehee!)

The celebration of our Risen Savior was so sweet this year.  I have to admit that it suprised me a little bit.  I do better when it is in late March or late April but the early April always messes me up.  Rin was having a little bit of a rough morning thankfully she was able to get it together and enjoy her day.  FYI: This is the first time that she has gotten to pick out her Easter dress and has not been forced to wear something that I chose.

We spent most of the weekend visiting family and Sunday worshiped with our faith family.  It was amazing to see how much has changed in one year.  Last year we were in our old building and this year we are worshiping at a building for another church.  Open Door Baptist has been so kind to let us have our services there.  They have been such a picture of Christ's compassion.  I am so thankful we spent this Easter with them. 

As for our building, demolition was completed the week before the one year anniversary of the horrible tornado.  We will be building back and I look forward to watching us build back and I don't just mean the building but I mean the community.  I can't wait to see us be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community that will surround us.  Big God = Big Things.

I hope to have several short post for you over the next several weeks.  We are working hard trying to wrap up our school year.  We have several end of the year functions happening this month plus we are so close to getting to travel.
Yesterday we received our Approval for our I800 now we go to the Embassey for approval and then as China for travel approval.  I pray I am letting you know were we are and how we are preparing for travel soon.