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family picture
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Josiah's Birthday Party

I thought I would share Josiah's birthday party and what we did on his birthday on today's blog.  I know I am a little late but we have had a very Adventerous April and well let's just say the that April has come in like a lion and I am hoping it will go out like a lamb. It still seems like we are roaring a little to much for my taste.

SO, we decided to have Josiah's birthday party on Saturday the 19th. I think this was the first BIG birthday party we have had for Josiah.  That doesn't mean he has had a crappy birthday party by any means in fact the last 2 parties were full of fun and lots of laughter.  This one we chose to have at our house and let him invite all of his friends from Rise and any of other friends from church.  Then we started thinking.  Okay, well "I" started thinking. When you have a big party like that you don't always get to spend quality time with your family.  What to do? What to do? Well this is what you do, Josiah had his party from 2-4 and then we had family from 5 til.  I realize it seems a little over board and a little to much but I knew I could do it and it would totally rock. So I started compiling my to-do list and 2 pages later I started working, planning and checking things off.

I made the invites from left over cards, scrapbook stuff and my computer.  I must admit that they looked smashing.  Unfortunatly I can't seem to find a picture of one so you will just have to trust me.

So you will quickly noticed I Josiah chose a superhero theme.  I had seen were my friend Lisa did a superhero party for her little boy and it was the inspiration of Josiah's.  We did a Batcave under the playset, a Vanquishing the Villans with silly string and pictures of villans through out the backyard .  I had my friend MK make the letters for my signs.  She has one of those supercool, awesome, amazing Cricut's.  I went over there one day and she cut my letters while I enjoyed two of her sweet girls.  Rin went with me but found a cozy spot in MK's husbands bean bag and took a snooze. I think taking care of her kiddos while she did that was a perfect trade off.  I wish I could say I had a picture of all of the signs she made but I suck and I don't.  This one was on the mailbox along with some balloons. 

I made the cupcakes and the cupcake toppers.  I made 46 cupcakes and when the last person left Saturday night I had 7. The next morning I had 3. Someone I think had a hankering for some cupcakes in the middle of the night.

A funny side story.  We thought we might rent a bouncy thing for the day but when we checked into them we had a little sticker shock and decided that we just couldn't do it.  So, what do you replace it with.  Well a case of silly string of course. Now we did give the kids a couple of rules.
  1.  No silly string on the patio. It is a safe zone.
  2.  If someone says stop you have to stop
Those kids had a blast and so did the grown ups.  In fact, ummm, E and I kinda got into a little duel.  I will admit here on this blog that "He WON".  I think he unloaded a whole container of silly string in my hair.  It was HORRIBLE.  (MK if you have that pick you should totally upload it).

I decorated with primary colors and grounded it in black.  I also used a lot of Josiah's superhero figurines.  I first had the idea that I would make capes for everyone but after watching the movie "Incredibles" for the hundredth time I was reminded of the dangers of capes.  So, "No Capes!"  (I hope when you read that you said it the same way the character Edna Mode did ) I then totally scored when I found these superhero books at the Dollar Store.

It was a an awesome party if I do say so myself.  Not because I totally rocked the do-it-yourself decorating thing but because I couldn't have imagened spending it with anyone else.  Family and good friend some old and some new.  It was perfect. So to make you totally sick lets look at the pictures from the party and of my sweet boy.