family picture

family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Day Josiah was born

In honor of my little boy who is celebrating the big number 5 today, I thought I would tell you about the day he was born. It had been 6 days since my due date and the middle of spring break and I was BIG.  I don't mean pregnant big, I mean my belly looked like a missile, I had stretch marks that were weeping.  I. WAS. AT. FULL. CAPACITY.  Now don't think I went around moaning about it, that is just not my way.  I enjoyed being pregnant. I took this picture three days before I delivered.  I was just amazed by the shape of my belly. I had just gone to the doctor and had an ultrasound to make sure everybody was doing well.  The tech told me that he was probably around 9 pounds.  I figured as much but quickly forgot that they can be off by 2 pounds either way. 
Okay, now that you have picked your chin up off of the floor lets move on to 4 a.m. March 22, 2006. I woke up not knowing why I was awake.  After a few minutes I realized that I was having contractions. Those contractions were only 10 minutes apart so no one jumped up and packed the car. Instead, we were keenly aware that today just might be the day.  I sent E to work and tried to enjoy the day with the girls.  We played and hung out.  We even went to Milo's for lunch.  All of the normal day occurances continued we just enjoyed them at 10 minute intervals.  E came home early just in case we needed to make a mad dash to Birmingham.  It was at this point that I was starting to get frustrated at the lack of change.  I called a sweet friend to discuss my options because E was getting anxious.  Sometime after that call I had a change and they started to become VERY intense.  I gave the okay to call his mom which is an hour away to go on an come over.  I then started organizing the girls evening for Nana and packing my bag when all of a sudden I had a contraction.  Now, let me stop here and remind you guys that this was my third baby and third natural unmedicated birth so I am a little more aware of my body and the signals they are giving me.  SO, like I said I had this contraction that changed everything.  I will never forget that moment.  I was getting dinner ready for the girls standing at the fridge and I had a contraction and I just knew that I had past 4 cm.  I then started thinking, "I'm gonna just go to Birmingham by myself and have this baby by myself and E doesn't have to be there and I don't want him there and... and... and...ummm, I think this is an emotional sign post.  I think I need to be thinking about leaving NOW.  Of course, I didn't share these thoughts with E I just walked down the hall. OKAY fine I will be real, I stomped down the hall and informed E that I was calling Jamie (family friend) to come over now.  E was thrown and quickly followed me , "What do you mean, what is different now as opposed to 15 minutes ago." Well,, let's just say I wasn't really NICE.   
Moving on... I decided to wait in the car so I told the kiddos goodbye and loaded up in the car.  Jamie came waved at me and we were off.  By this time contractions were every 5 minutes but very intense.  We had a 45 minute drive minimum and were possibly going to get caught in rush hour traffic but luckily God was on E's side. ( He is not someone who wants to tell people that his wife delivered on the side of the road in ALABAMA.)  Then it happend again that contraction that reveals tons on information in about 60 seconds.  I knew the moment it happened that I had past 7 cm.  I again kept that to myself.  I mean, I feared for my safety.  E would have totally panicked and I didn't want him doing that behind the wheel of a car. I knew I was fine and kinda excited.  We made it to the hospital and I told E to park in the "women in labor" parking.  That was a clue to E that things were farther along then I had let on.  The other 2  deliveries I made him park in a regular parking deck and then walk (on one of them we even took stairs).  I tried to lightened the mood by making a joke as I got out of the car.  I don't think it worked because today he does not remember that moment.  In the building, up the elevator and to the nurses station we go.  It is somewhere between 5 and 6 p.m. so they put me in a room to make sure that I was in labor.  FYI, when they did this I laughed in my head. The nurse quickly came to the conclusion that I was 8 cm and about to have the baby.  I was over the moon with excitement and looked at Ethan for the same reaction. WHICH, I didn't get.  I got the look that says, " This isn't the time or place but when it is, we will have a long discussion." The nurse also didn't seem as excited.  In fact, her comment was, "You natural childbirth girls are always stressing me out".  She tried to find a heartbeat but was struggling and seemed a little bit overwhelmed. Another moment that is burned in my memory of her rolling me down the hall spouting off things, "Okay, I need  you to just do your thing. It is going to be a little crazy because you are about to have a baby and you are not even in the computer system.  Plus, your doctor is in one c-section and has another right behind her." I can still see her blowing her bangs out of her eyes as she opened the door with her backside. 
She was right it was a little crazy.  There were lots of people coming and going and I just sat in the bed "doing my thing".  As soon as my dr. was available they pulled her to deliver.  I spent a long time working on Josiah.  I at one point looked at E with tear filled eyes saying, "Why isn't he here?" It didn't make sense. It was my third child and it had only been 19 months since my last birth it should be quicker. RIGHT? Well after another 30 minutes my little boy was received into my arms.  I could tell he was longer that the girls but that was it.  Another 30 minutes passed as I nursed, loved and cuddled my sweet son. 

I was aware that my doctor was still standing around and I thought she would have split quickly to go to her next c-section.  I even asked. Her reply was, "I gotta see how much this baby weighs!". So, I decided I would go on and let them weigh him which I'm amazed that it still didn't register in my head that he was big or that something was abnormal with his birth. 
The nurse put him on the scale and the numbers started climbing.  They seemed quite excited.  There were lots of  "Oh MY" and gasps.  Now let me interrupt here to say that when they weigh your baby at our birthing hospital  the weight is metric first and the converted.  So E and I were oblivious to what those numbers that were flashing by meant but they did.  When they hit the conversion button it read 10     9.6  well E turned around and said, "9 pounds 6 ounces WOW".  The nurse sweetly corrected him with a giggle.  TEN POUNDS and 9.6 ounces and we will round that up to 10 ounces."  I looked at the Dr. and said. "Why did you let me deliver him?"  She says, "I didn't know"

So that my freinds is the story of Josiah's Entrance into this world.  Larger than Life is the way he came in and that is the theme of his life.  Such joy is found in this child.  He takes me to my knees every morning. I momma's boy, energetic, loving, funny little boy.  He is amazing and perfect for this family. I have enjoyed watching him grow these past five years and can't wait to see how God moves in his life.
Happy Birthday Josi!!!