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Friday, December 30, 2011

And So....

I am catching everyone up on all things adoption so if you didn't see the last two post go here and here

I went back into the kitchen.  I sent out a few emails and with in minutes our information had been received and was being prepared to go to the Chinese government asking for permission to adopt this child.  We made the deadline with time to spare. 

(Our sons referral picture)
Over the next few days there was much paper work to do and calls to be made with our placing agency and our homestudy agency.  It was going to be 2-3 weeks before we would receive pre-approval.  During this time we were also putting the final touches on our Homestudy to file for our I-800A.  I will attempt to explain,  China allows you to receive a referral before your homestudy is approved and before a Dossier has been submitted.  A family can accept a “special focus” child while their dossier is being worked on, these are kids that are harder to place like older kids and children with medical needs.  Once the home study is done, which takes 2-3 months, families can select either a special focus child, or children that have been on the databank 2 months or more, but are not necessarily special focus.  Once their dossier is logged in, they can take brand new referrals, special focus children, or a child that has been up two months or more.
We received our pre-approval on Nov.3 the same day we filed our I800A immigration paperwork.  At that time we were told that it would take 45 days for approval.  So during that time we were able to contact someone in China to get an update on our little boy.  We used ladybugs and love and were floored when 6 days later on Novemberr the 14th we received 19 photos, 2 videos, and the answer to all of our questions plus some information that we hadn't asked for. 

(Second week of November)
I called Ethan talking very fast and almost crying especially when our information said that the orphanage was sending  him for his next heart surgery.  I was not prepared for that.  We knew he was going to need more surgeries but we thought that they would wait till we brought him home.  I have to admit I was torn about it.  I replied to our contact and asked if we could have some more information about the time frame of the surgery and if we could contact the orphange after the surgery to check on him.  On the 21st. we found out that he had left on the 16th for the hospital and the orphanage would call our contact when he returned. 
It was a long December not knowing what was happening with our son.  On December 19th we were informed that our son was on his way back to the orphanage.  Such relief, such Thanksgiving,  we were so excited to here that he had made it through surgery and was on his way back.  We ordered a care package to be sent to him and a birthday cake for his birthday (his birthday is January 2).
So now we wait.  I will post again on the first for his Birthday since his birthday is January 2nd we will celebrate it on the 1st since China is 12 hours ahead of us.  See you then.