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family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tonight I am going to bed with the house a mess.  I currently have left over take out boxes laying on the kitchen table with the cups from dinner.  I need to put up the stack of stuff that came out of the car from church but I'm not. I also took a 3 hour nap this afternoon with my little 2 year old.
 I did.

I admit it.

And I liked it. 

Why all of the sudden laziness and relaxation? 


As of Friday afternnoon I taught my last full day of  Blankenship Academy.  This week we will take several fieldtrips but I am pretty much on the summertime frame of mind.  Ahhhh, I like it. 

Don't worry this is very short lived but it is nice to stop for a day or two and just take in the summertime.  I will pick up tomorrow and I will have a plan of action on the week.  But today, I am taking it slow and chillin out.
So excuse me while I slip on the head phones and go old school with Will Smith!

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