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family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's, Daughter's, and a new Sister

Wow! What a weekend.  We have been on the move this weekend and multi-tasking is not even the word for what we have done just this weekend.  Let's start with Daughter.

Well much of you know my oldest is turning 10. Yep, the big double digits.  This blessed event is technically July 3rd but with Mom and Dad 1/2 way across the world trying to bring baby brother home on that day we chose to go on and celebrate this weekend.  She was keenly aware that this could happen and though we prayed that it wouldn't, God had another plan.  Since His plan is a much grander and more perfect plan we made lemonade out of our problem. Well actually, we made mani-pedi's, shopping, lunch more shopping and tons of fun. See yesterday Rin got together and did her birthday big girl tween style.

We started off the morning meeting up with 2 of her friends to do a little shopping.
  (look at her smile! She was about to explode with excitement)
Then we headed on over to get our nails did.
 (the girls received a lot of attention here and all of them loved it)

Then a yummy lunch at KOBE.

There might have been some food flicking across the table into someone's bowl and it might or might not have been me who flicked it.
(if you haven't taken this chick out to lunch you should.  I do not exaggerate when I tell you she had the attention of the whole table.  Here let me give you a topic: livestock at the Smalley Farm)
Then more shopping and more fun. 

Now let me get a little sappy.  We had so much fun and my little girl had a BLAST!  Most of it was because of these friends of hers.  They didn't do anything but treat her like they themselves wanted to be treated and let me tell you when you live a life in a body that doesn't function the way everyone Else's does relationships like this are critical.  She felt normal, she felt 10, she felt like for that day Rett Syndrome was not even on the radar.  I know that because you could see it in her eyes and her smile.  If you don't believe me then the next time you see her ask her a about it. 

Happy Father's Day!! Man "o" man am I thankful for Father's.  The father of my children rocks my world and not just because he is hot.
  He brings joy to my heart.  I love how is so completely different from me.  He is my stabilizer.  He is calm in the storm. His feathers do not ruffle easily and he is very laid back.  While I work at 90 miles a minute he is more like 30 miles an HOUR.  He dreams of having lots of land, sarcasm is his favorite type of humor, he is smart in business and not in pop culture.  He can be very serious but he can be very funny when he is around his very close friends.  He takes being the leader of our family even more seriously.  He desires to love me like Christ loved the church and to lead his house to serve the Lord.  I am so thankful that his hearts desire is to point our children to our Heavenly Father daily.
 My earthly father taught me so much about life and who I feel I share many personality traits.  Some of the first words that come to mind are hardworking, perseverance, loud, sacrifice, extreme, passionate.  His hands bare the work of years and years of hard work and the scars of a serious burn while he worked in the coal mines 7 days a week for most of childhood.  He also found time (how I still don't know) to take us fishing, showed us how to play baseball (which resulted in tons of broken windows), football, whistle like a boy (which I might add that out of all of my brothers I am the only one who mastered), and took us camping (let me add that it was in tents and we were always allowed to take a friend 2 adults + 4 kids + 3 friends= fun chaos). I don't think I would be as willing to take on the things that God asks me to do if it wasn't for watching my Daddy push himself ALWAYS! 
My father-in-law is pretty awesome and completely different.  We share a birthday but he is not loud, or extreme.  He is quiet and gentle in spirit but passionate about his family and always willing to do whatever needs to be done for you.  The word dependable doesn't even begin to explain this man's heart to serve his family.  I am so thankful God put him here to remind me of His dependability and that He is ALWAYS HERE.
So for Father's everywhere I pray you will search out the Heavenly Father and make him your example.  I am so amazed by the men in my life and thankful that they are the ones that I have to help point me to my Heavenly Father.

A New Sister;
Today was also a big day for our family because we celebrated Elaina's decision to give her life to God.  About 2 months ago she and I had several conversations about making God lord and saviour of your life and I knew she and God had some talking to do.  Several weeks later in church she lend over to tell me she was ready to make a public provision of her faith.  I was slightly stunned and asked that she wait until we could tell her Daddy.  That night she told E and they talked, then we spent several weeks talking to our pastoral staff.  Last Sunday Elaina made her decision public in front of the church body.  This Sunday she followed with believers Baptism.  I am overwhelmed with joy as I now get to call my daughter my sister in Christ.  There is no greater joy.
With family here to see her baptism and we decided to celebrate 3 events.  Father's, Korinna's Birthday and Elaina's Baptism.  We didn't go all out like we normally do because well frankly I just didn't have the time. But, we shared a meal, we ate cake, we sang, and we had gifts.  It was nice, it was wonderful and I am blessed.

Stop back by tomorrow for our finalized schedule for our trip to China!

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  1. Prayers for you on your trip!! Love the "No Rett" birthday idea!!!!