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family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joel Peter Blankenship

As of today at approximately 11:00 Changsha time we became the legal parents of Joel Peter Blankenship.  

We dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. He ate well but I noticed he was VERY busy a lot more than yesterday. When we came upstairs to the room we picked up, packed and skyped with the kids. All of them screamed when they saw him. They were so excited, but Joel was not. He wanted to get down in the floor and play. We talked about the day and I am missing them so much but they are having a great time. By the time skype was over Joel was getting very frustrated. I ended up putting him in the sling I brought and walked him around the floor. He fell asleep in it and slept for a good 35-40 minutes.

During this time we meet our guide Ashley and headed down to the Civil Affairs office. It was here that we completed the last of our paperwork to legally adopt him. Yippee!!

Getting footprints for his new birth certificate

 He did wonderful but was ready to get to a place were he could get down and play. We ran a few errands and made our way back to the hotel. Lately we have been eating a big breakfast ordering out for lunch and then snacking for dinner. We have not had a great
experience with room service.
Since Joel had a little cat nap earlier he had a late nap and again fought it like crazy, though he did let me rock him. We are noticing a lot more developmental skills today. He did more cruising today and would even walk to us every now and then. He is also trying to climb EVERYTHING. I think this is grief-driven just because he is trying to play so hard. He has also been a little discontent at times. We can usually walk around the hotel or take him to the play room. (side note: The floor that we are on is the only non-smoking floor and where they put all of the adoption families. They have a play room with some toys that we have actually used and enjoyed.) He is also starting to refuse Ethan. Yesterday Joel would tolerate him and even play with him but today he started refusing him. He is also refusing some of his meds. Paticularly the one we give him in a syringe. It has me a little worried because he is spitting it out so quickly. This is his blood pressure medicine and I am a little freaked out about it. I know how to give meds to kiddos, I do it all the time but the one I give meds to doesn't fight me (a lot anyway) and if she does I have ways that I can fight back.  We have a bond that I do not have to worry about, but Joel and I are still working on that.
We both took a nap with Joel and I set an alarm trying to make sure that I didn't sleep to late. It worked and made me feel a ton better. I am hoping that tonight will be my night for a better sleep.

Tomorrow we head to Hengyang City SWI. This is Joel's orphanage. He was in a specialized wing for sick babies who needed extra care (surgeries, therapies, and sometimes hospice like care). This is how he was able to get his 2 surgeries. This specialized wing is run by an Australian organization called International China Concern. I am hoping to get to ask some more questions and even maybe ask if they have had trouble with him taking his meds and what they do to help get them in him. We are so blessed by their work. It should be a long day tomorrow.

Last night Joel had a fitfull night of sleep. He rolled around moaning, kicking and calling out. At one point in the the night he even called for his nanny, pronounced phonetically 'I-EE'. We moved him in the bed with us at this point. He was never really awake but his little brain was definitly trying to process all that had happened to him. I am still not sleeping well but Ethan had his first night of true rest. I woke up at 4:27 this morning and just tried to relax until Joel woke up at 6:00. He did well seeing us and when I offered him my arms he quickly came to me.

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  1. I have tears! Congratulations! I am also thankful that you aren't afraid to share the struggles Joel is facing. It is good to know, though, that he was in good hands and loved his nanny.