family picture

family picture
We "want our very serve as HIS signature to all mankind so that all may know His work," Job 37:7

Saturday, April 21, 2012

March Madness (lots of pictures)

If your looking for a bracket for the basketball tournament this isn't the post.  This is however a post of all of the madness that took place in our home during March.  Lot's of fun with a little disappointment.

March 8th was one month since we were told China would expedite.  It came and it passed. 
March 14th was one month since our log in date into the data bank in China.  It also came and went. 
That weekend we took the kiddos on a weekend trip to Chattanooga.  We knew that with baby boy coming home soon that a summer vacation was not in the books, so we took a little weekend trip instead.  We also combined it with Josiah's birthday.  He was willing to forfeit a birthday party to go out of town for the weekend.  I have to admit I wish we could do that for all of the birthday's but I don't think that is in the financial plans either.

Our first stop was Rock City.  A lot of fun and a tad bit scary!

Let me elaborate on the "scary" part.  I have a fear of heights and it is worse when my children are with me.  I noticed Ethan on the swinging rope bridge with Korinna and my heart sank.  Before I could get up there #2 and #3 and made their way to him.  Thankfully I had Leila on my hip.  I was keeping calm and thought if I took a picture then I could scurry them off of the bridge before someone plummeted to their death.  Unknown to me was that Ethan told the kids that when I got close to start jumping on the bridge.  It was not good folks, not good. 

After Rock City we got settled into our rental and headed out for dinner, donuts and a walk.  Dinner was decent at best but the donuts were phenomenal. 
I miss Krispy Kreme.

Okay funny story, I think anyway:  That night we get back to our rental and start the bedtime routine which sometimes is a lot like herding cats!  We had put Elaina and Leila in one bed and Josiah and Korinna in another bed.  Josiah was lamenting about how he wanted to sleep with Elaina.  We reminded him that he doesn't like to fall asleep but play when they sleep together.  Then the tears.   He then started telling us that he didn't like sleeping with Korinna because she scratches his face. 
Okay folks this is the child who has almost NO hand use. This went on for a few minutes before I noticed that Korinna was sitting perfectly still staring at Josiah with an almost maniacal grin on her face.  He noticed and said, "See, see she thinks it funny, she is gonna scratch my face."  Cue Korinna's giggling. 
Yep folks more tears, more drama and more giggling from Korinna.  It was hysterical.  My little girl who has so few ways to pester her siblings found a way.  And, I let her do it.
After a few minutes I told him to turn his back to her and she couldn't scratch his face.

The next day we headed out to the local zoo.  It was a perfect day.  Nice and cool.  What we call perfect Rin weather.
Let me share my crazy zoo story.  When I was taking the below photographs, I accidentally dropped my lens cover into the exhibit.  I was heartbroken.  E was a little sad but not mad.  Anyhoo, when we left the zoo (several hours later) and while I was getting everyone settled in the car I looked up and noticed that E was gone.  Assuming that he had gone to the Men's room I finished my work and got in the car.  After about 10 minutes he came back to the car and threw my lens cover in my lap.  I was shocked and surprised.  I quickly asked how he got it and with out missing a beat he told me that he had jumped the fence and retrieved it while no one was looking.  I had a romanticized response about how that was so chivalrous and I was so proud of my knight in a shiny suburban. 
Three hours later when I was recalling that amazing act of love and devotion I found out he asked someone to get it for him. His response to my question of lieing to me, "Well when you got I all doe eyed about it I just let it go."
 He is feeling very sneaky this trip.

Just for future reference Leila doesn't like a carousels.  Thank goodness we were the only people on them.

Last day was the Aquarium.  It was nice but the kids were starting to get ill for some reason un beknownst to us. Rin was acting all sleepy, Josiah was whiny, Leila was sassy and Elaina was ..... Okay, Elaina we didn't have a problem with. 
It was nice to enjoy our little vacation and just think about family right then and there.  On occasions my mind would wonder and I would think about our baby boy.
How would we do this trip next year with him?
I wonder if he and Leila will be like 2 peas in a pod or will they be so amazingly different? 
Will he like the stroller or will he want to be held all the time or want to walk all the time?
Will the animals scare him or will he love it and squeal and point with delight?
What adventure does God have in store for this little miracle of a little boy?

We returned to celebrate sweet Josiah's birthday the 22nd. 

He is a funny monkey. 
My first son.
 Chocolate Chip Pound Cake is his favorite birthday cake.  Lover of Star Wars and Lego's, Highly distractible, loves to be silly and likes to manipulate all of the situations to give himself the best odds to do what he wants to do.  This is his first year to play the piano and is doing well.  Getting him to read is like pulling teeth.  He only works fast if he wants to do something.  He is everything I have dreamed of in a little boy.  He makes me laugh and makes me cry, sometimes with in the same hour.  I wouldn't change anything about this sweet boy.

I then finished the month off with a weekend retreat for Adoptive Mommas (Created for Care).   Oh what a blessing to my soul.  And, my funny bone.  I was so thankful to be able to learn so much and worship so much with so many women who think and feel the same way I do.  God really comforted me in this time of waiting.  I was constently reminded that this little boy was His son and He was providing and watching over him.  When I arrived I was in turmoil over the waiting and when I left I had such a peace with in my soul. 
During "Date with God" I had someone pray for me.  She had asked about my adoption and my little boy when we finished she looked at me and said " I just want you to know that God is in the job of miracles and your son is one of them."  
Oh how I know that.  Little boy do you know how much God has protected you and guided you and placed you were you are for a perfect reason and His perfect timing.   

It was shortly after that when Ethan called to tell me that we had received our new I800A approval in the mail (we had to file a supplement 3 due to some changes that the Consulate has made).  One step closer to our baby.

It was a mad month but full of mayhem that I want to remember for years to come.  We made so many good memories.  During this process of adoption and homeschool and life I have really worried about whether I am stopping enough to smell the roses and play with the kids, and really learn what is going on in their hearts and lives.  I want to remember the silliness, the hardwork, struggles, laughs, cries, and all of the in betweens. 

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