family picture

family picture
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Monday, March 5, 2012

An Information Dump

Okay guys I have a lot of tidbits to share so I am just gonna dump on here.

This following link is to a video from our agency, All God's Children.  They are highlighting some precious children that need a forever family.  I pray you will take a look and pray for these children.  They are too sweet and I have to admit that there are two on here that have my heart.  O since this was first released the little girl who has an eye problem and needs surgery has found her family.  Praise God!!!

Next this is a conference that is going on in Birmingham, Al.  One of the founders is a graduated with Ethan from high school and is also in the process of bringing a little one home.  I hope you will check it out and if you have this Saturday free you don't want to miss it.
February was so much fun and so crazy.

We found out Korinna had a hairline fracture in her femur. 

She wouldn't bare weight on it for several weeks.  We kept on thinking it was muscular and after a week we started going to all of the physicians.  Physical Therapist agreed probably a muscle strain with us during that first week. Another week past and we went to see our pediatrican and we were sent for X-rays and again we were thinking a muscle strain.  Another week, we go see Orthapedist and he finds a fracture in this very small area.  Korinna was so happy to have someone tell me what was going on.  She didn't know it was broken but she knew the pain was real and something was going on.  After he told us of his findings, I was just doing everything I could do to keep it together.  I might have even asked the doctor if he was lying.
Thankfully for everyone, it didn't dislocate and he could tell that it had been healing for three weeks so no cast.  We just had to be very careful and promise not to call him a liar anymore.

We made some super cute Valentines this year.  Last year, we made lots of cute crafts and we reused most of them.  So this year we focused on some totally-awesome-pinterest-inpired Valentine's
The big girls Valentine's
Josiah's Valentine's

   We finished up our Upward Basketball season.  I will have to tell you this was our first time doing basketball and this program and we loved it.  Josiah played basketball and Elaina cheered.

(please excuse the really cute wild haired baby who slipped into the picture)

We sent our baby boy in China a care package.  We met someone who is adopting our little ones playmate and they are hoping to get to tour the orphanage and meet our little one while they are there bringing their baby home.  We are so excited for them and are anxiously waiting for them to bring their baby boy home.

We also did a lot of playing.  Only in Alabama can you play in shorts one day.
And sweaters and hats the next.

Last but certainly not least we started preparing a room for our sweet baby boy.  We are moving things around the house, carving out his own space.  We noticed after Josiah that any more children added to our household was gonna take some work.  When Leila came we got rid of a playroom for her bedroom. This go around, we have moved the crib into Josiah's room and given Leila a "BIG" girl bed (FYI: she loves it!!).  We are also moving furniture around to make room for more clothes.  I hope I get to share pictures of all of the projects finished.  Right now we are in the ugly phase.  You know, everything is everywhere and we are trying to put it all back together in some sort of orderly fashion. Basicly a HOTMESS!

We have good reports that indicate we could recieve our LOC in March.  After that if nothing else is expedited we could travel in 12 weeks.  But, if things continue to expedite we could go sooner.  I know there are still tons of if's, could's and but's.  It is actually getting funny because every step we take we think, "Okay, after this we should have a better idea of travel."  WRONG! We just ask that you continue to pray for our son and his health.  Also pray for our kiddos we will be going without them and we are all sad to be away from each other for that long. 

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  1. Hey Kara! It was so wonderful meeting you this weekend! I hope you were as blessed as I was! -McCall :)