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family picture
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama

This will be short.
(Reflecting: I took Joel a change of clothes.  The purpose was for me to be able to change him in the Detroit airport.  Well before we left the tarmac Joel decided to pee through his clothes and all over me.  It was a bit of a nightmare.  E washed out Joel's pants in the bathroom and we hung them up to dry on the magazine pocket.  I  used a wipe on my dress.  More to make it smell better than getting anything off.  I also put a blanket under my dress on my lap so that I wouldn't have to feel the wet fabric on me.  I also never put him back in my lap with out another blankent on my lap.)
It took a 2 hour van ride, a 14 hour flight, another 1 hour 26 minute flight and then a 1 hour drive to get us home.  Joel did fabulous he only slept a total of 4 hours they whole time but never really cried.  He was very content and snacked a lot.  We arrived yesterday at 4:30 in Birmingham with lots of great friends there to meet us
The ride home was a little interesting since everyone was upset because they didn't get to sit next to Joel.  Well Korinna didn't cry because she did get to sit by Joel.  That is the rule Korinna is the oldest so she gets to be the baby buddy. 
When we returned home the three of us were exhausted and it was all we could do to stay awake until the other guys got into bed.  Finally at 9:45 I climbed into my own bed.  E and Joel had already fallen to sleep and frankly I had as well, I had fallen asleep with Leila in her bed.  Elaina woke me up to help her get a drink.  After that I left her reading in her bed.  I don't know what time she feel asleep. 
Thankfully we are home and all of my chicks are in my nest.  I couldn't be happier.  Now if I could just get rid of the jet lag.

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  1. Hi Kara, my name is Kris. We are adopting through AGCI as well and our son also has a severe heart condition. I would love to connect with you but I couldn't find an email on the AGCI yahoo group site so thought I would leave a comment on your blog. My email is Joel is absolutely precious!