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family picture
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday BABY!

Today is the celebration of a lot of firsts!
The first day of 2012
Our new sons first birthday
The first time I have not been with my child on their birthday.
The first time I am crying out to you guys and begging for your prayers and help!

Remember yesterday when I told you that immigration originally said that it would be 45 days for approval. Well, they have changed.  Let me rewind a couple of weeks.  I received a call from our agency letting us know that the Chinese Consulate was starting to deny dossiers if they had any documents that had notaries of 6 months old or older.  So we went through our documents and realized that our Birth certificates and our Marriage License had expiered the week before.  So we reordered.  Then we noticed that our medical exams were gonna expire soon as well.  So we started getting anxious about sending them in.  Since we were only so close to that 45 day mark we opted to wait and see if our immigration approval letter one come in and we could send it all together.  On day 53 we still had heard or received anything. 
E took off on Tuesday headed to Montgomery to have our information State Certified.  He should have known it was gonna be a bad day when he hadn't even gotten out of Tuscaloosa when he came to a stop light only to have his phone slide off the console and fall into his glass of water.  :( Then when he made it to Montgomery he realized that there were documents that still need to be county certified before they could be state certified.  One of those documents was the medical exams that we were getting close to expiring.  So he turned around and headed back towards Tuscaloosa.  On his way home he stopped at a Publix to pick up a few items for the house.  He threw them in the back of his car and headed back towards the house so he thought.  As soon as he turned a curve the items fell over and hit something in the back of car and broke.  Did I mention it was also his birthday?!
The next day E woke up and started the process all over again. First to our notaries office to have one more document notarized.  Then to the County Courthouse to have it County Certified.  Next, to Jefferson County to have 2 documents that were notarized in Jeffereson county County Certified.  Then back to Montgomery.  He had no problems this time (hee hee) and after he received all of the certifications he found a FedEx/Kinkos and "started making copies" (Does anyone else remember the copy man on SNL).  After all copies were done he overnighted it to AGCI.  I wonder if E did a little dance when he sent that package off.  Just kidding, all of us know E is not the dancing type.
While E was gone I had a talk with T from AGCI.  She really felt like I should give immigragtion a call and check up on the status of my I800A.  Well folks there is just no way to sugar coat this.  It was not good news.  I was informed that my case had not even received an Officer and it was going to be more like 90 days instead of 45 days and then she said it could be longer.  So if you haven't done the math that would put us at the beginning of February being able to submit all of our paperwork to China.  That was a punch in the gut.  Everyday we don't have that letter adds a day (or longer) til we can go bring our baby home. 
So this is were I beg for your prayers.  O to cry out to the Heavenly father and beg Him for His mighty hand to push that paperwork through. For protection of our sweet son and his body.  God has already given me peace and reassurance so now I just have to fight and pray him home.
While we are praying him home and finding every way we can to get him home sooner than later I am going ot keep myself busy.  I have a list of things to do around the house, 4 beautiful children who need me to love, nurture and teach them, a relationship with my husband that needs to be invested in and grown, time to pray to a loving, sovereign Father so that I can grow in my relationship with Him.  We will also be fundraising.  See the list below of some of the things that we will be doing.  If you would like to help out or have an idea then let me know.
  • A raffle from a friend who does photography and is also adopting please go check it out at here
  • Print created by a local artist (pictures to come) of a sketch of 5 eggs in a nest with the verse from Psalm 84:3
  • In May we will have another Boston Butt Sale
  • We are having a 147 million orphan button put on the blog so that you can click on that button and have it take you to our virtual 147 store to purchase gear.


  1. We had a great Bible study tonight. It was about God honoring desperation. He wants us to cry out to him. from Habakkuk 1 "How long, LORD, must I call for help,but you do not listen?"

  2. Praising God for the great news!!! Can't wait til you post it here and I can't wait to see if you got any new photos! Kara I just knew he had to be with ICC, let me tell you, he is being loved!!!! There is an Aust. House ye ye that just LOVES these kids up!!! They often take the little tiny ones home so they can have extra holding and night time care while they are very young. Blessed be the Lord, the God of all creation, putting comfort in the path of my new friend and protection around your baby boy. Thanking Him for bringing us together, for bringing eachother comfort, for the opportunity to pray Little boy home!!!!!
    I love the truths in the lyrics of this song:

    Oh Lord, give me the faith to believe that sometimes your
    blessings come through rain drops... your healing comes through tears... that maybe a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you're near...and that my greatest disappointments and the aching of this life is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy.