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family picture
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jam packed July

You know most people start off their July with a BANG but here in the Blankenship household we are blessed to celebrated for a whole new reason.  This will be a multiple post type thing because like the title said we had a "Jam Packed July". The 3rd of July is this awesome girls birthday.  Rin turned 9 this year (if you could bear with me and just pretend I had her when I was 12 so I won't feel so old. I would appreciate it)
She wanted a candy buffett and of course I made it happen.  We ended up will a little something like this.
super cute yarn wreath (I actually made this for summer but I had Rin's bday in mind when I made it)

 The goodnes of Candy
For those of you who know I have been going to Hobby Lobby in Birmingham with MK about every 3 weeks since the Tuscaloosa one was destroyed.  This cake stand I scored for next to nothing.  It was originally red with black something on it.  Nothing a white can of spray paint can't handle.  I made the trim from ribbon, double-sided tape and paper. 

I found beautiful lunch bags in the same colors Rin was using for her party @ Wal-mart. (Yes I took 3 out of four kids with me and all I can say is that I live to tell the tale.) I used scrapbook stickers to personalize them and then let her guests fill up their bags with candy to take home. 

Yummy Goodness!

These girls are my girls, there mommas are my support group.  I am so thankful that we have been able to share this season of live with each other.  I am so thankful for these girls and that they love Rin not matter what.  In fact the tall one probably has better coping skills with Rin's condition than most of the Sunday School Teachers. 
But I digress
I get so excited in celebrating this little girls birthday.  What a joy I have having her as my child.  What joy she brings to my life.  I would not be the same women, mom, daughter and wife if it is wasn't for her life.  I pray that God continues to use her and draws her close to His heart.  I pray for health and healing from the symptoms of Rett Syndrome.  I pray that she will continue to change the world like she has changed me.  All while bringing the glory to our heavenly Father.


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