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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Okay for my first post I thought I would share with you why I decided to start blogging. Just to warn you this one is going to be a long one. Okay get ready!!!
Several months ago a family friend the McPherson's shared with Ethan (aka E) that he had run across a blog about a young lady who was a missionary in Uganda and she had a adopted 14 children. Well knowing me like they do, I was super interested and he shared the address with me, Unknowingly to him, I was currently going through a personal spiritual funk. I was fighting with loneliness and desperate for some sort of "friend". Now please understand me when I tell you that this changed my life. The BLOG did NOT change me but GOD worked within me while I was reading. I was encourage by her attitude, strengthened by her passion and reminded that if we are obedient to our Father then things will be hard, tough, difficult and lonely here on this earth. But, in God we find our best friend the one who doesn't change, never leaves us and has a greater better purpose for us. This was a turning point for me. My mother always says attitude is everything and it was here that my attitude was changed. My joy was back, things were and still are tough and I still find days when I feel lonely but the Holy Spirit gives me what I need to continue the walk and fight the good fight.
Well, after finding this blog I started spending more time with God, read the book "Radical" by David Platt (a must read) and scoured Katie's blog. Along the way I came across (this is the organization that helps Katie feed and help the people of Uganda) and The 147 million orphan started me down another path. I started reading the blogs found on that page and which lead to two more blogs and and then last but certainly not least
Now to some of you, I know you are thinking that I have lost my mind but please let me remind you that I am a stay home mom with four beautiful children, and homeschooling 2 of them. I was happy to find some encouragement on these pages that help sustain me on my bad days. But I digress, SO I started talking about these people and their families to Ethan and well... he started laughing at me. I didn't take it personally, in fact, it was pretty funny. First he started calling them my stalkee's and I was the stalker and now he calls them my imaginary friends because they do not know I exist. He made a good point. So I decide it was time for me to become the not so imaginary reader and not just start commenting on their pages but allow myself to become a blogger as well and share my story and some of my findings with others so that they might find encouragement. Okay so here we go!!

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