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family picture
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Adventures

I would like to say that we had a lazy summer but that would just be a LIE. Instead, we have been packed with lots of things, events, activities, appointments and so on. It looks as if we are going to have the same for this school year. Over the past two weeks we have been in the "Getting Started" mode. We are trying to get a new schedule for the school year and everyone has been working hard trying to get it done. Probably not the perfect time to start blogging but really with 4 kiddos in the house is their really a perfect time to start blogging. Okay so on to some of our biggies these past 2 weeks.

1st Josiah started back to school at The Rise School on Wednesday the 18th. O how blessed we are to have this program. This could be a post all within itself. We have gained so much from their support, friendship, work and sacrifice they have made for my family and other families like mine.

2nd Elaina celebrated her 6th birthday on Friday the 20th. It was such a fun time to spend with family. Elaina loved it and I of course (like I do for all of my babies) spent the day recounting the day she was born. What a sweet spirit child we have. She has such a servants heart. I can't imagine my life without that child.

After Korinna's cake disaster I refused to make another one until, Elaina told me she wanted me to make her one just like Korinna's except chocolate with white polka dots. So, I folded and made another one. This time it looked SO MUCH better. Of course we had to sing Happy Birthday to cousin Callie whose birthday was the next day!!

Sweet Laura Hocutt and Josiah. Not surprised that he has a dagger in his hand. He enjoys a good war just like any other boy!

3rd Then Saturday me and the girls went to Atlanta for some American Girl shopping with my mom. Okay I totally blew it in the picture department here. I took my camera just not inside. I am still beating myself up. I missed a ton of moments that I can never get back! Stink! I did get this picture of how Elaina sleeping when we got home. This is Elaina's doll Lanie all wrapped with her own blanket. How Sweet!

4th Back to school again! This week me and the two older girls officially started school. This was a big year because Elaina has been added to the Blankenship Academy roll. It has been awesome. She has been such a joy. She is such a self starter so getting her work done has been easy. Finding time to get everything done has been a new adjustment. I know with time that will come as well as God will give me the strength and energy when mine is running on low.

Those are our big events that have take place over the past two weeks. This weekend we will have some more with Buy for Rise and Josh's wedding. I will post those next week. Plus I have a super cool service project opportunity to post about but first I need to get more info. Keep posted.

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