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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mommy hack

Most of my organizational ideas come from necessity. I think that probably rings true for most people. I noticed that when we left to go out of town or left the children with others for the night, there was an anxiousness on both sides when we handed over the medicine schedule for our two kids who take daily meds. 
I always handed over a spreadsheet for each child that had each medicine and it's dosage and when to give. Then the caretaker could check off when given and initial. We had to add the initial section for when we went for long extended trips because our kids would sometimes switch caretakers mid week (cousin would take to my mom). This allowed a better switchover for the caretakers. They could easily see where the last one left off. 
But it still didn't help the anxiousness of "what if I get the dosage wrong?" I needed to make it more dummy proof. So this is what I came up with. I got the idea when we were discharged from the hospital with Joel in June. I was delivered medicine for him right before we left and there was a syringe for each medicine with this tape on it that had a line. That line matched up with his dosage. I thought I heard angels singing when I noticed this but it could have just been the TV. Why do all pharmacy's not do this?  It was genius. 

So from that experience this was produced and now not only is it easier for us to leave the kids with someone it is easier for me and I feel a little more confident. Now, grab your favorite washi tape. Can I got woot woot for washi tape? I'm addicted. Grab your medicine bottle (or bottles in our case) and a medicine syringe for each med. Every refill we get I get a new syringe and new stopper if you don't get stoppers with your meds find a pharmacy that has them. They are so helpful in getting out every last drop, keep from air bubbles getting in your syringe, keep things tidier and it make's me feel cool. 
Now take your washi tape and wrap it around your syringe. I always use the bottom of the tape as
the dosage point. This allows me the ability to see all of the meds being drawn up and double check it for air bubbles. See the photo is at 1.2 mls. This is Joel's BP medicine dosage. 
Next grab your bottle and use the same washi tape and wrap it around the bottle. Make sure not to cover any important information. 
Now this is my favorite part. If you have other medicine choose a different washi tape to do that bottle and syringe. Then when you (or another caretaker) are giving medicines they just match the syringe to the bottle. 💥 
So easy, super cute and it gives you a good reason to have lots of different washi tape. Your welcome. 
I hand wash and air dry my syringes. I have not had one slip and come off. So there. That is my mommy hack. 

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