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family picture
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Friday, July 11, 2014

I remember,

I remember that day.  It was a long day but a day I had been waiting for long time.  I had worked for months to get to this place and here it was 2 am as I slipped out of bed dawned my running gear and headed to the start line.

I was nervous and second guess myself as I realized I was pretty much alone.  I had only meet some of the other Rett Moms just a few days ago.  I found myself crossing the starting line and reminding myself that I can and will do this.  My motto had been "Failure is not an option." I ran the first 7 miles with out stopping.  After a quick pit stop I continued on full of energy and adrenaline.  I was doing this.  I felt great. I will finish.  By mile 11 I could feel it in my calves.  People were slowing down and dodging the masses of people was starting to take it is toll on me.  But my spirit never wavered.  I ran on. I knew that i would be done in approximately 20 minutes but kept on telling myself 30.  I stopped at the 12 mile mark and took my picture and then the last mile.  It was hard and it was getting hot. I was finding that all of this mile was a bottle neck after bottle neck which slowed me down.  I thought about just walking this last little bit but this cast member was clapping and looked me in the eye like she knew where I was and said, "Do you hear that? It is the finish line." She was right if I concentrated I could here the crowd. I could feel the emotions welling up in my throat which makes it very hard to run and breath. I can't stop the tears.  I. HAVE. DONE. IT. It is like a movie in my mind as I think of all of the people who helped me get to this point.  Who gave in honor of Korinna and then I see the finish line, the people and I think of her.  I did this for her.
I find myself at the Girl Power to Cure tent getting my picture made with Korinna's picture.  I look up and see him.  My support, my rock and my partner.  He has brought ALL of the kids to great me.  I hug and the kids remind me that I am sweaty and sticky.  We enjoy the fellowship with other people and families that have been affected with Rett Syndrome.  And this happened. At 0.24-0.35 I am doing everything I can to overcome my emotions and keep my composure.

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