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family picture
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Scoliosis Repair Day 2

Waking up this morning I could barely move. I was still in the same position had fallen asleep in. So stiff but so rested. We had made the decision to have a room at the hotel next to the hospital. E had checked us in after we got to the PICU, gotten us dinner and returned to the PICU. I left him and headed to the hotel at 7 something and made a few phone calls took a bath and collapsed In the bed. It was still dark when I woke up the at 5:45. Even after over 8 hours of sleep I contemplated going back to sleep. I was all to aware though that E had not had the rest I had so I started getting dressed to head back to my baby girl.
When I walked out the door I grabbed my Starbuck's gift card. Last night when returning to the room E had left me a Starbucks gift card and note. 
-Back off ladies, I'm keeping him. - 
The cool air that greets me this morning seems more refreshing than yesterday. The walk was nice and the pumpkin spice latte was perfect for this mornings chill in the air. I walk into Rin's room with a very bleary eyed 11 year old and a sprawled out hubby who definitely didn't sleep well. The nurse brings me up to speed with the evenings activities. Rin had a low grade fever. Not uncommon but the sent off cultures to make sure. She has also started waking up more around 2. Those meds from the OR had if finally left her sweet body. This is good but that also means she is more aware of her pain and discomfort. I can tell just from her eyes and the way she glares at me she is already over this place. I relieve Ethan and give him his coffee. That room a short crosswalk away will welcome him soon and the he can rest (and do a little work )
I settle down to watch the sun rise over the Vulcan and wake up the city of Birmingham. 
The events from today were pretty low key. Rin was struggling with getting comfortable and as the morning melted away to the afternoon it was obvious we needed to up her pain management. She has started crying a little and when our nurse warned her they were going to roll her over to her other side she immediately started crying. We started her back on the Valium at that point and she seemed to settle down.
We wait again. I color and I am finally able to break Ethan down and get him to play Uno. We have orders for a room on a regular floor but a bed has not opened up for us yet. So we wait again.
I decided to return my pager from the OR just to have something to do. As I drop it on the counter I hear my name and see a familiar face. A  mom and friend from my daughters preschool class is here and waiting in her son who is in the OR.  We were so glad to see one another and we shared a sweet moment. We are both going to be on the same floor for recovery except they get to leave tomorrow and we won't. 
After returning to the room we were ready to transport to a regular room. Rin slept through the whole transport. After settling we were able to see her Dr. 
Everything is going as planned and then he reveals tomorrow's goals for her. He also gives us the consequences of any small complications. Tomorrow is going to be rough. It is time to start making her move a.k.a. Walk and sit up. It should be very hard for Rin tomorrow and I don't think any of us are looking forward to it. 
We have one last visitor from Ethan's cousin who works in the hospital. It was fun to see him. Dinner for us and then E heads to the hotel and I assume my shift on a functional but not comfortable couch in a room were disturbances are at least every hour. Less beeping, less emergency but that doesn't = more rest.

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