family picture

family picture
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 months

At this time 3 months ago our sweet little boy was finally put in our arms. I can't believe how far we have come from those first few days and weeks.  So much little personality has blossomed from that little boy.  He continues to show us his tenacity, perseverance and grit.  He is also funny, silly and LOVES his Momma and his YighYah (Josiah). 
He loves any type of bean.  Quickly eats them and then will hand you his plate for you to give him more.  Just know that you don't want to give him beans for lunch and dinner two days in a row unless you are prepared with lots of wipes and diapers. 

 He has crazy hair in the mornings and he likes to wipe his hands off on his hair.  I don't know what to do with these boys.  Josiah likes to wipe his hands off on his shirt.  Ugh! at least Joel's hair doesn't stain.

He didn't come home with a paci but finds Leila's funny.  He has started interacting with her a little more and accepting her as a friend.
 What a long way we have come.  When we first got home he would scream the whole time he was in the car.  It was exhausting.  Now he can turn any round object into a steering wheel and the child's size john deer gator is his favorite.
 This relationship has truly grown leaps and bounds.  I will have to give the credit to Leila.  She has refused to give up and has not been phased by his aloofness while he has started learning who and what is a family. 
And her perseverance has paid off.  Two weeks ago he started hugging her.

We are back in school full swing, as well as all of activities are back in session.  This has been a juggling act for sure.  We are slowly finding our new normal and really enjoying this new little personality in our family.  He keeps us laughing and he keeps us busy. 
We go tomorrow for his heart cath.  This should be a very long day for us and I am already praying for quick, easy and no surprises.  I am also praying that Joel's will be secure with me and not frightened.

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