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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Crafts

We have been crafting for the past month and I have to say that we have made some cute and EASY things.  I have to also need to confess that I have gotten obsessed with crafting blogs.  I have been staying up all hours of the night reading.  I MUST STOP.  I want to make them ALL! Okay back to my own crafts. We will start with a trip to Hobby Lobby. 
I picked up some letters to go over my fireplace, though I can't figure out how to hang them.  E will not let me drill holes into the mortar or brick and I tried the Command stripes but they won't stick.  Does anybody have an idea? The X and O's are from the 90 percent of Christmas ornaments.  This was my inspiration. Due to the need of ease, and the thought that I can always do it cheaper I ended up with this.

I started off with 4 frames from the dollar store, some red and pink paint, scrapbook paper that the kids picked out and then my letters. 

Each kid picked their paint and painted their letters. I then realized that my O's were two big for the frames. I quickly pulled out a couple of square canvases and glued them on those.  If you didn't notice I also painted my frames. My mantel is really dark I a try to keep light colored items around it to bright it up.
Then while looking at craft blogs late one night I found a lady making kissing balls from crepe paper streamers.  I loved it but I was not going to go out and buy crepe paper.  I just problem solved and used. Some tissue paper that I had and cut into strips to make my rosettes. 
I had some rosettes left over so I threw them into a my sconces into my kitchen.

I then made a wreath for the door and my I just say I love using felt.  It is cheep and it is cute.  I cut the felt into strips and then glued them down.  It turned out really cute and took just a few minutes to put it together.
Last but not least I got this idea over at babeofmyheart and I think you should go here. I did these and think they turned out totally cute.  The kids love them as well and don't they look cute next to my heart shaped marshmallows and our "I heart Missions" containers. 

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  1. Love it all!! And, I say you should take a glue gun to your bricks. I mean, they'd peel off later, right?