family picture

family picture
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Leila's Birthday and Awesome finds at Hobby Lobby

First, let's discuss the super cool Fall finds I found at Hobby Lobby.  I might just make this a frequent post.  I don't know what I should call it. Anybody got any ideas? It seems that I am always finding really cool deals from Hobby Lobby and love showing of some of my finds.  So here we go.  I needed some orange food coloring for Leila's cake.  I walked in to notice that all Fall was 80% off.  SCORE!
Everything in this picture was on sale.  I even got the orange plasticware and the gorgeous paper napkins on sale.

This sweet little picture frame was in the cents range.

and these awesome things were only a couple of dollars.  I love them because it reminds me of an interesting memory from the hubs childhood.  When E was young he had pet crows.  Yes folks, pet crows. I did not know him during this time and every since then I can't look at a crow without thinking about that cool little time in E's life.
Okay moving on to the first Birthday of Leila.  I decided on a Pumpkin theme and discovered a cool and somewhat easy instructions of a pumpkin cake from family fun.  I thought it was something that I could do so we started with this and unfortunatly I do not have an completion pic of the big pumpkin.  Mom if you do will you email me and I will post it.

 I did use a spice cake and I made a butter cream frosting.  It was so yummy.  Be aware that this is a ton of cake and seeing that we did an intimate gathering of family meant we had a lot of cake left over. 

 I made this sweet little tutu also found on family fun. To say it was easy is an understatement.  In fact forget I said that.  It was very difficult and only I can make them so if you want one I will make you one for 40 bucks.
Look at those sweet curls.  Just like Elaina.  O I hope they last longer than Elaina.  She had hers till she was 5 and she still has some shorter pieces that curl. 

Now these next pictures might seem a little overboard but I want to make sure they are documented.  The presentation of a smash cake.  Leila had already had a trial run on her one year pictures with Stephanie Fisher. (Warning Shameless Plug) If you are not familiar with her work you need to be, she is awesome. She also did our Christmas picture which I might say was AWESOME.  So make sure you go check her out. Okay take a look at this sweet girl attacking her sweets!!  

 This first year with this little one has been nothing but amazing.  Let me tell you.  GOD knitted her perfectly for this family.  She is funny! Her own little person finding her own way among all of the chaos.  She is the first one out of all of the kids that walks into the room and tries to gain all of the attention.  She enjoys showing out and showing off.  Funny, is the key word.  She also likes to play her youngest child card, she doesn't talk much with so many others around her talking for her and she knows how to throw a temper tantrum.  Leila is a Daddy's girl and a Korinna's girl.  I truly think she looks at her as another mom.  We have had several instances where Korinna has been able to settle her down.  Just sitting in Rin's lap and cuddling up against her has calmed her.  Should it surprise me that Ethan and Korinna have very similiar personalities. I often look at them as the calm in the storm.  I can see why she might seek them out in our house. We had and have had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing how God unfold's His plan for your life.  I love you sweet girl.

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  1. okay, LOVE finally getting to see how the tutu turned out and LOVE her pumpkin cake! And, for the LOVE will you post a pic of your Christmas card since I still haven't seen it??